My achievement is that anything I do, I give it 100% focus. I never throw in the towel until I’m satisfied or I’ve lost interest. When I was five back in Vietnam, my goal was to climb trees. My family said, “You can’t. You have no legs.” It took me two years. Then I set my goal on climbing a coconut tree, about the height of a two or three story building.  My older brother couldn’t do it.  It was the most exhilarating thing.

Now I’m a champion power lifter and a tax payer and a parent. That’s the thing that I’m focussed on now. It’s the biggest role for me, to teach them about life.  There was a rough time. It almost broke us as a couple. I’d get really annoyed when the kid doesn’t eat. In my childhood if you didn’t eat, you got a smack and you starved. We got some help. I’m better now, learning how to be a Dad, being the reliable person in the family, bringing in the income. It’s my biggest achievement.

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