Melanie happily in her garden.

Home is my sanctuary. I'm surrounded by things that make me happy

where I can be comfy and silly and my dog makes me hairy.

My bed is warm and cosy and my bath is luxurious and soapy.

It is my place of safety. I can hang out with friends and family

over a coffee or a pot of tea, or if I'm in the mood, a glass of bubbly

where I can stay in trackies and have fun with my hobbies

including bonsai, my tiny trees to go with my love of all things Japanese.

My kimono on display, with geta and obi, and cook yummy food: udon, tonkatsu and sushi!

And not wear a bra or shoes and be free.

My home: where I can just be, despite my physical disability.

Most of the time it's just my dog and me.

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