When it comes to my advocacy and educating about Deaf culture, our history, our language, I believe in compassion first of all. It’s so important to me. Understanding that not everyone has had the opportunity to go through the things I’ve gone through and vice versa means knowing that they maybe won’t have the right ideas or say things the right way. I’d rather invest the time and energy in having a kind, open conversation, and share my lived experience as a Deaf butch lesbian. Isn’t it better to change minds and equip folks with the right knowledge about disability and sexuality than shut them down? That’s true courage. This year, I launched my own Auslan classes. I had so many anxieties about hosting my first ever event but I was pleasantly surprised by the massive turn out and enthusiasm I was shown. If you give to a community, the community gives back. Finding my Deaf community and chosen family has allowed me to come into my own – that’s my greatest achievement. This year, I got to fly to Paris for the World Federation of the Deaf Congress, as a Young Emerging Deaf Leader. It’s incredible – people all over the world will know my name. I’ve already built my own inclusive community here at home, but I’m going to expand my horizons to the rest of the world!

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