Ethan in the studio, wearing his Fremantle Dockers guernsey.

I’ve got all my family here in Fitzroy, grew up here all my life. Fitzroy Crossing is a lovely town, you’ve got the river and the gorge. It’s not a big town but it’s a place you can get around.

I used to work in the station, riding horses, mustering cattle and branding bulls. I was the youngest bloke there. Hard work!

I also played football for the Yakanarra Dockers.  I used to be in the forward line. I used to be like Stephen Hill or Michael Walters.

After my accident, I told them I don’t wanna sit doing nothing. I wanna do something. The Manager at Wangki Radio Station said, Ethan do you want a job?  I said, yeah okay, I would love a job.

The best thing of my life is my job. I’ve had it for six or seven years now. I play mixed Rock ‘n Roll, Country, Indigenous music, pop, all mixed. I play local music like Fitzroy Express and The Now Or Never Boys. I sang with them before I had my accident. When I sing it makes me feel good in myself.

I sing for the old people at the hostel where I live, and I play good music for them and they sing with me, it keeps them entertained. They always put the radio on, and they call for requests. I play requests for all the people round town.

When I’m playing my music at the radio station, I feel like I’m at home.  I’m thinking about people round town, my little brothers, my little sisters.

The radio is a good thing for the people outside if they’re listening in. People like music cos it gives them hope.

At the end of my show, I feel proud of myself. People think I’m a star, but I always tell them, I’m not a star, I’m just Ethan.

People in this town can hear my voice from here to Erskine, to Halls Creek, all around this Fitzroy valley.

I’m the voice in the valley.

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