Ashlea posing at a dance competition

I’m Ashlea. I just moved here in October and I’m quite new to the area still. My neighbour’s really nice.

Before I moved I also lived on my own. It’s a much better house now. I think it’s perfect for me cause it’s so quiet here and peaceful. I just like living here by myself. I like quiet.

I think I’m a tidy person cause I like everything in the right place and in the right spot. I vacuum quite regularly. I like having the floors clean.

I’m a ballroom dancer. I’ve been dancing for a while now. I compete in dance comps. I’ve won a few awards. I hope to get lots more! I do Latin, Ballroom and New Vogue.

‘Night of the Stars’ is one of the biggest dance comps. Everybody’s dressed up in their nice dresses. I had a nice pretty black and white dress for my ballroom dancing. I’ve got loads of dance dresses. Sparkly ones, lots of colours. My favourite is the pink one!

I like planning things. I’ve been to New Zealand. Hong Kong, New Zealand, Victoria, Tasmania. I’ve travelled lots. I like traveling.

I’d like to study childcare because I like little babies. I think I would be a good childcare worker. It’s cause I’m calm.

I'd like to keep getting better with my dancing. My dancing keeps me confident. I do social dancing on a Friday night. I know a few people there. It’s a big dance family. It is good fun and I love it.

My life is just getting so busy!

Sometimes it’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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