Suraya putting together a gorgeous bunch of flowers

My name’s Suraya. My business is Sunray’s flowers and craft.

I love flowers very much. I take flowers to the cafes. I take flowers every week. This is what I do.

I take my flowers to Yardbyrd. It’s a cool place. I take my flowers to Blue Ginger Café. Paul is at the Hairy Marron. Paul is my favourite customer.

I take invoices to the cafes. They pay me. It’s my business.

I like making beautiful things.

My mum has a beautiful garden. I snip flowers at Mum’s house. I pick petals for the paper. I iron the petals on the paper. I glue the paper around the vase. I make pretty vases.

I’ve been doing my flowers for four years.

My flowers make people happy. Flowers make me happy.

I love my business.

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