I very much believe for the power of my story.  I couldn’t tell my story before I learnt Rapid Prompting Method.  It’s been most important as it taught me finally that I could communicate.  Now I very much think and hope this could change the attitude of people towards people with autism.

I love being part of my Hindu community and participating in many festivals.  It’s very lovely.  I feel very happy to see my Indian friends.  I like getting ready … my hair, my dress, my makeup, my jewellery.  There’s a lot to enjoy.  Everyone is just like a big family, taking care of each other and helping when needed.  I like going with my family and my support people, so I can have fun with them.  They make delicious food and desserts to take.  I like to do literally everything with them, like dancing to traditional music, singing popular songs, eating lovely home-made delicious food, seeing everyone dressed up beautiful in tradition costume.  I always feel included and I like to check that other people also feel included.

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