School was hard with lots of bullying and fights, but I made do and that’s what made me into the woman I am now.  I started competing in swimming when I was nine.  I was the first person with cerebral palsy to go to the Seoul Paralympics in 1988.  I won gold and silver medals there.  Then in 1992 I went to Barcelona and broke some world records.  Later I received the Queen’s Birthday OAM for services for sport.  I’ve done lots of things like coaching swimming, building a house, studying small business and art, opening a shop and creating art.  My motto is “Never say no to me.  Let me try and then I’ll know whether I can or not, and if I can’t do it your way, then I’ll find a way of doing it my way.”

I’m very happy doing my own art now.  It’s helped me work through losing my Mum.  I won’t part with those paintings.  I paint in my home studio or at a community studio and occasionally have an exhibition.  I experiment with lots of different styles and use of colour.  I prefer to use my fingers or other tools, not often paintbrushes.  There are often blue and water themes in my paintings, not surprising given my swimming history.

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