Sam laughing doing 'shakkas'

I am a filmmaker, an artist, a muso, an adventurer, and everything in between.

I own my own house.

My house is very unique and very, very, very me!

My home is my place to relax, have mates over and create.

I need my space for my creative mindset. I have a studio out the back.

I work with Lincoln and make docos and comedies.

We have just made another film called 'Sticky Dates'.

It's about Oscar going on a blind date.

I wrote, acted in it and edited it.

We've just had a premiere and we had 150 people turn up.

We're working on a sequel.

I also have a band that I am the lead singer to.

My best me is whenever I am creating.

My life is so chillaxed.

I go most nights to the pub. I chat to everyone.

I have a 'magnifique' circle of friends.

They look out for me. I look out for them.

My life is how I like it, how I wanted it and how I planned it.

I am just loving life and loving my community.

I have the Rockstar life!

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