I studied Journalism.  It was very challenging, I had many barriers and I faced a lot of discrimination at uni.  They didn’t know anything about deafblind people, so I had to educate them a lot.  Uni has given me more confidence and it’s helping me to help other people as well.  Now I’m starting a Masters and when that’s finished maybe I’ll do a PhD, if I’m crazy enough.  I know it will be a challenge for me but I’m very excited about my new study and the new opportunities it’s going to give me.  Getting that degree was such a wonderful feeling, like I was so proud of myself that I had got that achievement, that I wasn’t a failure and I didn’t quit and I just kept persevering, you know.  I had good days and bad days but I just kept going through because I had great support of friends and professionals that got me through it.  I was so excited during my last day. Oh, I was jumping up and down! I had two exams and when they were done, I was dancing around my room.  I was crying I was so happy and so relieved that it was over.  That three and a half years is done.  All that work and the late nights that I put in, it was all worth it.  I am very proud of myself.   I did finish my degree.  I did achieve that.

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