I love my life.  I’ve got three sisters, and eight nieces and nephews.  I love them and they love me.  I love my chickens and I like looking after them, I especially like getting fresh eggs for breakfast!  As well as writing, I love sewing…big projects like wall hangings and bedspreads.  I’ve learnt how to do this in my Design and Technology Tafe class.  I sew presents and sometimes sell my things at a local market.  Right now, I’m between jobs but I loved being a waitperson in a local café previously.  In fact, hospitality work in different cuisines really interests me, especially Italian and Japanese.  I volunteer in the kitchen at meals on wheels. I enjoy being part of the team that gets meals out to people who are elderly or stuck at home.  I do work out at a gym and swim laps each week, cause it’s good for me, not ‘cause I really love it.  Somewhere in my week I’ll enjoy doing some cooking at home, and eating out and going to the movies with a friend.  My book success has spurred me on to write more.  I have so many ideas.  I’m also really keen to get acting and singing opportunities.  Since I was a child, I’ve been dancing or singing in the ‘Let’s Shine Brightly’ event put on by the Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company.  I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

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