I like keeping busy, moving around lots. I’m up every morning when the sun comes up.  At home, my sister is my housemate. When it’s bin day, I tell her, “This is my job” and I take the bins in and out. Sometimes I help the neighbors with their bins, too.  I work at Parks and Wildlife. I’m the cleaning man. I keep things tidy there. I like having my responsibilities and being in charge of those things. I’ve been working here for about three years and I like it here.  I enjoy traveling, I’ve been to Darwin. I’m saving up for a New Zealand trip, to go skiing with my family. But what I like most is being out bush. One time we went camping at Butler Crossings. It’s nice camping out, and being out bush, though the dingos woke me up and I got cold.  I also go out hunting with my uncles. We’re Wilinggin men.  We look for snakes, lizards and emu. I go fishing with my friend Andy, too.  I spend a lot of time cooking, painting and drawing. My favourite sport to play is basketball. I play at the Recreation Centre on Wednesdays with the boys.  It’s a good life out here in Kununurra. There’s good weather. There’s lots to explore and do here.

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