I’ve always ‘talked’ through my paintings but I didn’t know how to talk with people.  Now I’m learning Auslan to talk to people.  I want to talk more now, especially about my art.  I’ve always loved exploring things through my senses.  It’s become the basis of my art work.  Like light … I’m always exploring it.  It fascinates me.  For a long time all of my paintings were about light.  I’ve used a lot of water colours to create the look of how light glows.  I poured ink on Perspex and put light strips with a controller behind the Perspex.  I made some light installations that have been exhibited in lots of galleries across Australia.  I’m into beading now.  I’ve always got plans for beads.  I thread complex colour patterns on recycled copper wire from light fittings.  Some days I do bead art for most of the day.  My art helped me when I was grieving for quite a few years after my brother died.  I installed my art in the old jail cells in Mandurah as part of a group art exhibition because that place showed how I was feeling.  He’s gone now.  I never used to be able to say that until we worked on these paintings and did a lot of talking with other artists and other people.


*Photography by Neil Mulligan.

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