I guess I always knew I wanted to be a mum. I had no idea the road to get there would be so wonderfully complex. Life changed dramatically when I had an accident when I was 30, where I sustained a neck-level spinal cord injury. I wasn’t sure if I could even be a mum, whether it was an unachievable dream. Together my husband and I started thinking very laterally of how we could pursue parenthood safely with my health in mind. After much discussion, investigation and years dedicated to it; we were matched through an international surrogacy agency to a wonderful woman named Beth in Oklahoma. We now have a beautiful daughter. Being a mum with a disability is incredibly fulfilling and challenging, all at the same time.  I suppose no different to other mums in that way. My daughter challenges me to think creatively so that we can do things together.  We find a way! I always had a sinking doubt that she might not identify me as her mum because I couldn’t do all the things that other mums can often do. I soon realized this was definitely not the case.  She treats and loves me the same. She just knows there’s some special things that I can and cannot do. She thinks it’s pretty special she can take a ride on my feet or lap whenever she wants, and so do I!

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