This really is such a great workplace.  When I get a new student group, I’m always interested in their background stories, like ‘Why are they here now?’  There’s so much diversity in their stories.  I feel like I’m the learner.  I hear their nervousness about being able to get through the course.  I feel proud that they get to learn about disability support from me, as someone who needs good support every day.  That’s the best part. We work together as a professional partnership to achieve their goal.  Once they get to practice their skills out in the workplaces, the feedback we receive is positive and I always get good comments from my students about the fact of having a lecturer with a disability.  It certainly helps them feel more comfortable about working in the disability sector. I am able to give them feedback, additional skills and confidence in order to empower them so they can empower the people they support.

The Lives We Lead Worklife has been funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services.
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