Like the TV show says, “Neighbours become good friends”.

From the first-time I arrived to the Joondanna neighbourhood, it triggered the sense of returning home.  The gracious welcome I experienced from the neighbours reinvigorated my euphoric appetite to live life.  Earlier this month I celebrated my 40th birthday in my new home.  I underestimated the work that went into throwing such a large event and began to doubt myself. In the space of a few hours, my neighbour Sue arranged a BBQ and prepared all the food for me. Another neighbour did a run to the bottle shop to restock drinks at her own expense.  I sat back and watched.  One by one these people walked through the door carrying plates of food, followed by two massive birthday cakes they had prepared themselves. As the night went on I couldn’t help but think about how blessed I am to have this community.  Not only can I rely on them to come together to support me on such a big day, but they are also here for the little things like bringing my bins in, cooking and feeding me dinner, popping in to check on me if they notice a change in my routine.  This is the community support system I could only have dreamed about in the past,  Before I close my eyes at night, I count the blessings I’ve received and the tremendous fortune obtained knowing I have caring and supportive people around looking out for me and my well-being.  I feel loved and safe.

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