Graham communicates through gestures and sounds.  This photo story has been crafted by people close to Graham who understand his communication.  My cooking journey has been building for the past couple of years and has taken off since Sherri came into my life.  We cooked at my place first and I was a bit cautious about changing that to cook at her place, but I really do like to give new things a go.  The rest is history.  It’s been a boost to learn new skills.  On my ipad there are hundreds of images of my baking, which I enjoy sharing with friends and family.  I like being the centre of attention and having my photo taken . . . so step aside, celebratory chefs.  Actually, as much as I get into mixing, piping, glazing, wielding the cooking torch and the electric knife, I also really love sharing the food I bake.  I give it to elderly friends and sometimes the bowling club.

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