Portrait of Daniel with clapper board

I’m Daniel, I work in Community Living Association, in the IT team.

I just love computers. I was using them back in 1998. I was self-taught. I actually fixed my parents’ computer when I was only 7!

Before I had this job, I was working elsewhere, pulling computers apart and getting the hardware. At the time I was getting bored of my old job, I was not using my mind, it was more hands on.

I actually went into the office, Community Living, I spoke with the CEO over a couple of weeks and then I got the job.

I love it there and I troubleshoot and help people out with their computer issues.

Every time I walk into work, the vibe is so relaxed, and I can have a good conversation before I start work. It’s different every other day and its interesting.

I upgrade computers and install the patches or install software. We sometimes set up the computers for new staff members. I also train people. When I’m in training, I guide them how to use email, the new system and the tablets. I keep everything up to date and running smoothly for the company.

When I’m at home I do a lot of testing and researching. It keeps me up to date with a lot of the technology.  On a regular basis, me and Aaron tell each other new tricks and tips. I’m the guy at work that drives things.

I want people to know, be confident and go and do it!

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