My team is the High Wycombe Bulldogs.   We’re second on the ladder.  Last game, we were winning, playing Wembley.  I took a mark and kicked a goal.  The ball went through the middle, right through middle. I love it. I yelled and screamed.  I was on the bench in the fourth quarter. Xavier was hurt.  I was holding the icepack on him, like a first aid person.  I told him, ‘It’s alright Xavier, you’ve got this. We’ve got this in the bag, we’ve got this win in the bag.’  I love, I love the weekends the best.  I love game days. I love getting goals a lot.  I try my best. . . bend over, pick up the ball.  Jessa passes it to me or I say, ‘I’m here!’  We’ve got three more games this season.  One will be my 50th game.  Sometimes I tell my team ‘It’s just a game, boys. Settle down.’  When the coach is trying to talk, I yell out ‘Yeah, one voice, boys.’  My footy mates, Corey, Matty and Robbie, come over for dinner every fortnight.  I choose what Mum cooks.  At the end of the season we’ll have a beer and a trophy night.  I might get one for ‘team player’.  I’m gonna put that in my room.  First one.  I love it.

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