These days I choose to own my disability and be proud of what it means to me.  My disability means I must live with some big challenges, therefore it has made me courageous.  It means I have had to develop my resilience and find maturity at an early age, therefore it has given me great empathy toward other people’s struggles and a sense of what is really important.  It means I often have to wait for others to help me, so I must be patient. This gives me time to reflect, be imaginative, creative and spiritual.  It also means I burn more than the usual number of calories when I exercise.  If I could bottle this one and sell it – I would be a millionaire!  My Plan. Right now, I am at school.  In three years I want to go to the best UK university I can possibly get into with my school grades.  I am aiming high with Oxford as my ultimate prize. I want to become a Human Rights Lawyer and get experience helping reduce people’s suffering, particularly people with disability in Europe.  I definitely want to return home to Australia one day and rejoin our leaders in the fight for acceptance and inclusion. I hope to be able to offer a valuable contribution to our society and culture.

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